Strategic and Innovative

Orbitak is an international consulting company with its headquarters in Bremen and offices and partner offices worldwide. We offer our clients advice at the highest level and at prices that correspond to performance and not to a name. Our proven principles: ACKNOWLEDGE - your challenges, UNDERSTAND - your needs, MOVE - your projects.

Consulting Fields

Project Excellence · 
Market Intelligence · 
Strategy Support · 
Personality Institute


We offer our customers international support in strategic and operational consulting fields. Our team has years of experience and holistic competencies in important industries like automotive, electronics, logistics, renewable energies, R&D, IT and finances. Our passions are Project Excellence, Market Intelligence, Strategy Support and Personality Institute .

How we advise

Innovative Methods · 
International Locations · 
Implementation in Partnership


Satisfied customers tell us that we are clearly unique. We advise holistically and innovatively in an international environment. We share a connection with our clients to implement projects jointly and efficiently.

What defines us

Holistic Approach  · 
Goal oriented · 
Increasing Effiency by IT Solutions


Orbitak supports with a holistic approach along product lifecycles. We see ourselves as a result-oriented partner on eye level. We bring you to success by using individual software solutions.