Orbitak Group

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We offer our customers worldwide support in strategic and operational consulting fields. We plan and establish innovative ventures and take care of our successful spin-offs.
We offer local advice in our market hubs in England, Spain, USA and Singapore.
With our innovation labs in India and Taiwan, we own our private product development expertise and offer high-quality IT services. [ more ]

Our mission

Market hubs

England, Spain, USA and Singapore
for start-ups, industry and SMEs


We offer our customers local advice in our international locations.
In this way we promote your international networking and cooperation and you obtain market access and ideal conditions for your local incubator.
We also support you with the successful establishment and management of international ventures.

Innovation Labs

product development expertise  
and high quality IT services  


highly-innovative teams  ·product development  ·IT services  ·open innovation  ·

We ensure the initiation and implementation of your innovative ideas.
With the newest open innovation methods and a local expert network with international experience and top ideas, we support your ventures and spin-offs.

Venture partners

Company builder worldwide  


high performance teams  ·business development  ·marketing and finance  

Orbitak is a successful company builder. We establish and operate innovative and internationally scalable companies. Our portfolio includes industry leaders such as Speedliner, trackryt, Villaris or RYTLE. We advise you on the optimization of product- and business ideas, marketing models and the development of new ideas and their implementation..

Spin-off builders  

sustainability and success  


Orbitak is a successful spin-off builder.   Our portfolio includes successful spin-offs such as ROTH Institut, Bremovation, Mercadius and Orbitak Systems. We support you with the planning, implementation and optimization of your spin-offs.